Early Listings

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Delta Trailers Farm & Household Auctions History        


      Early Listings For Tuesday Febuary 6th.  Feeder Pig  Auction         Feeder Pig Auctions Are On the 1st. & 3rd  Tuesdays Starting  @12:30


        Early Listings For Tuesday January 23rd.  Hay & Livestock Auction                                                           
   3 Hlostein Heifers 450-500 lbs. (Breedable) 
   8 Holstein Steers 300-350 lbs. (Vac.)
                                      SPECIAL FEEDER CATTLE SALE SATURDAY Febuary 10th, 2018  Starting at 11:00 A.M.
                                              Selling the Bred Cows First, Followed With Holstein Feeders, Then Colored Feeders sold in order of arrival 
  34 Black Steers & Heifers 650-700 lbs. (Green Tagged) 
  68 Holstein Steers 750-800 lbs. (Dbl. Vac., TMR Fed) 
  25 Mostly Balck Heifers 625-750 lbs. (Dbl. Vac, Weaned, No Implant)