Early Listings

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To Our Customers and Community:  
     The Hay and Livstock Auction will continue with our regular auction schedule.  Until further notice, we are limiting our space to POTENTIAL  
     and ACTIVE BUYERS ONLY. PLEASE NO SPECTATORS, STUDENTS, OR CHILDREN Thank you everyone for your corporation.  Any Questions contact Jerry - 563-920-9500 Cell or 563-928-6612 Barn  
      Early Listings For Tuesday  March 16th.   Feeder Pig  Auction         Feeder Pig, Sheep & Goat Auctions Are On the 1st. & 3rd  Tuesdays Starting  @12:30  Next Sale March 2nd  
                                                                                     Early Listing For Tuesday March 9th.  
                                        MASKS ARE REQUIRED *  
                             Next Special Feeder Cattle Auction, Saturday  March, 13th Starting at  11:00 A.M.  
                                                                22 Black Steers & Heifers 750 lbs. (Dbl. Vac & Long Time Weaned)  
                                                                70 Black Steers & Heifers, 550-750 lbs., (Dbl. Vac. & Weaned Dec. 12th)  
                                                                26 Black Steers & Heifers 550 lbs. (Green Tagged)  
                                                                22 Back Steers 650-700 lbs. (Triple Vac. & Long Time Weaned)  
                                                                30 Mostly Black Steers & Heifers 600 lbs., (Dbl. Vac. & Long Timed Weaned)  
                                                                40 Black Steers & Heifers 700-800lbs., (Dbl. Vac. & Long Timed Weaned)  
                                                                64 Mostly Black Steers & Heifers 550-700 lbs. (Vac. & Weaned)  
                                                                11 Black & Red Steers & Heifers 500-600 lbs. (Dbl. Vac. & Weaned)  
                                                                10 Holstein Steers 575 lbs. (Dbl. Vac. & Dehorned)  
                                                                 6 Belgian Blue X Steers 700 lbs. (Vac. & Weaned)  
                                                                                                                               STUDENTS, OR CHILDREN!
      Buyers adjust your arrival time according livestock wanting to purchase.
                                             Baby Calves Sell At 12:30 p.m.
                                             Feeder Cattle Sell At  Approximately 1:30 p.m.   
                                             Market Cows & Bulls To Follow Feeder Cattle  
If anyone needs hay or livestock and can not attend the auction, contact Jerry Maker.  563-928-6612 salebarn  or  563-920-9500 cell